Goodbye in French

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to say goodbye in French.


Au revoir

There are different words to say goodbye in French. The most common one is Au revoir. It can be used both in formal and informal situations. Be careful with the spell, you have to write it in two words!


Other words to say goodbye in French

There are, of course, many other ways to say goodbye in French.

Salut, Bonsoir, Bonne nuit, Bye, Tchao, Adieu are some of them

Let’s see in detail each of these words and how or when to use them.

Salut, Bye and Tchao

These are informal ways to say goodbye in French. You can use them with friends, for example. If you have seen the lesson about how to say hello in French, you have probably noticed that “Salut” also means “Hello”.  You can use “Salut” either to say Hello or Goodbye in an informal way.

Bye and Tchao are only used to say Goodbye.


Bonsoir is also used to say goodbye or hello, (like Salut) but it is used on the evening. From 5 pm onwards.

Bonne nuit

Bonne nuit is usually used to say good night before going to bed. Be careful with the spell, it’s written in two words.


Adieu means farewell. This is a word you will not often here if you go to France. It is rarely used.


Some other words you can add to say goodbye in French

Now that you know how to say goodbye in French, let’s learn some other words that you can add to say goodbye.

– Salut, à bientôt ! (Bye, see you soon!)

– Au revoir, à demain ! (Goodbye, see you tomorrow!)

– Salut, à mardi ! (Bye, see you on Tuesday!)

– Tchao, à plus ! (Bye, see you later!) Very informal

You can also use “À plus tard” (see you later)

Example dialogues

Now let’s see some example dialogues.

Dialogue 1

-Salut, Jaques ! (Hi, Jacques !)

– Bonjour Julie ! (Hello Julie)

– Bon, ben, à lundi ! (well, see you on Monday!)

– Oui, au revoir, bon week-end ! (Yes, goodbye, have a nice weekend!)

Dialogue 2

-Bonsoir Aurélie. (Hello Aurélie)

– Eh ! Salut Benoît ! Ça va ? (Hey! Hi Benoît! How are you?)

– Oui, et toi ? (I’m good, and you?)

– Ça va… Bon, salut. (I’m good…Well bye!)

– Ok, bye. À bientôt. (Ok, bye. See you soon.)


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À bientôt !

Pierre & Noemi